Brissiemaz singing ‘Summertime’

If you want to skip my interminable yakking and go straight to Brissiemaz singing ‘Summertime’, scroll down to the end of the post beneath my gorgeous red rose.  I’m shamelessly including a couple of flowers from the Chelsea Flower Show…. who needs an excuse to put such wonderful flowers on display!

At the Chelsea Flower Show

At the Chelsea Flower Show

Earlier this year I awoke to find that I had apparently lost my voice. It had never happened before and being a singer who still performs in public it came as quite a shock. It happened so suddenly! Being my usual cool, calm and collected self I decided that panicking was the best option and raced off to the doctor to see if my vocal cords could be spared. While I was in the car I was berating myself for not having made a proper recording before this….how stupid to leave it till it was too late!

I was almost in tears by the time I sat down in the waiting room but had calmed down a bit by the time I finally saw the doctor who didn’t have a clue what was going on and gave me  a letter to see a specialist…….the ear, nose and throat guy……but of course there was no appointment available till a few months down the track.  So….what to do?

Next day I woke up with my voice intact.  Maybe it was just a glitch. Who knows? I’m OK today, I think to myself, so no need to panic……….but I’m at an age where my singing voice could go awol at any time.   Again…..what to do?

So I decided on a positive approach and went on the net to find a recording studio that suited my needs and was not too far from home and immediately booked a few days of recording sessions. Then I resolved to get the CD’s done BEFORE I saw the specialist in case he said that under no circumstances should I be singing .

OK…..I know…….sand……burying my head in it. Guilty as charged.

Months of hard work later I have finished the recording and am about to see the specialist after having a few tests.  My voice held up well, I had no pain or discomfort despite doing lots of singing so I’m hoping I’ll get a clean bill of health from him.

Anyways….I do go on, don’t I…..I’m intending to add a song to this post so I need to keep quiet and get on with it.

It’s a modern version of ‘Summertime’ from Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin.

Hope you enjoy it……assuming I get things right and you can play it. I’ll also be putting it on You Tube later with a video so, if all else fails, you can hear it there.

Rose at Chelsea Flower Show

Rose at Chelsea Flower Show

Brissiemaz singing ‘Summertime’…….better late than never!                                               To listen – click on the arrow (that’s for my age group!)

I want to enter this in A Word a Week Challenge – Music.                                                         Here’s a link to a wonderful post on the subject by A Word in Your Ear

Heartfelt thanks to BJ from Staraudio with whom I spent many deafening hours in the recording studio.

The wav format wouldn’t upload so I had to go with mp3 and I think the sound is not as warm…….the backing sounds a little thin?  Will keep trying to upload wav.

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17 Responses to Brissiemaz singing ‘Summertime’

  1. elleturner4 says:

    Hey there…nice to see you back on word press. I really enjoyed listening to your rendition of summertime-fabulous.
    I’m afraid I can’t help you with yesterday’s problem but I can warn you of a problem I had where my posts, once published, didn’t turn up any where on wordpress, in any of the categories etc. Apparently you have to be careful how many categories and tags you put on them. It seems that if you have more than about 15, it is assumed you are a spammer (I know-who’d have thought it!) and therefore consigned to some spam hell! Thought I’d let you know as I have been so disappointed a few times when my post hasn’t appeared and I noticed you had a lot of tags!
    Hope you don’t mind!
    Good health to you 🙂

    • brissiemaz says:

      Hi Elle….Thanks for your positive feedback on Summertime. I had a great time making the CD but could never have guessed how much time and effort would be involved. I solved the problem with the blog button by using Google Chrome….all the info showed up straight away. When I went back to Internet Explorer it still didn’t work. Int Ex also wouldn’t upload the song….had to go back to using Chrome where it uploaded first time. I’ll be careful about the tags in future….thanks for sharing your experience…..I’m glad you said something.
      Bye for now
      Mary 🙂

  2. Mary Ditton says:

    Dear Dear Mary

    What a magnificent voice and thank you for giving us that great song.

    Where can I buy a copy of that CD you have made?

    I cannot wait to hear the rest.


    Mary Ditton

  3. Allyson Mellone says:

    That was beautiful! Your voice is breathtaking! Can you post the YouTube video? And yes, please send details of your CD. Congratulations on your completed recording 🙂 I can’t imagine your recent scare. I wish you a good bill of health and more years with that beautiful voice.

  4. sueannm66 says:

    Lovely. You have a beautiful voice. This was a perfect song to wind down to after a busy day.

  5. Clanmother says:

    Fabulous rendition!!! Welcome back – you truly are a gift to our community. I am looking forward to hearing more about your YouTube. Take good care of yourself!! 🙂

  6. bebs1 says:

    I like your beautiful voice.

  7. Betty Hutton says:

    WOW!! Glad that voice scare was a temporary thing. At least it spurred you on to do the recording. You’ve definitely still got what it takes. Gorgeous.

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