Index for My Trip to England

Chapter 1.   England!  At Last!

Chapter 2.   Who says flying is fun?

Chapter 3.   Feeding time on the plane

Chapter 4.   Now for the people-processing

Chapter 5.   Getting to the car-hire place

Chapter 6.   Hiring the car

Chapter 7.   There’s nowhere to pull over…..ever!

Chapter 8.   ‘Home’ for a weary traveller(London)

Chapter 9.   OK to park here? (London)

Chapter 10.   Settling in at Ealing(London)

Chapter 11.   Checking out where I used to live……but (sorry) mainly toilet talk!(London)

Chapter 12.   Tooting Bec  (Robert Lindsay and Wolfie Smith notwithstanding) (London)

Chapter 13.   Oh to be in Croydon, now that April’s there!

Chapter 14.   A rest day(London)

Chapter 15.   Night Terror?

Chapter 16.   What was it?

Chapter 17.   I’m not really a morning person!

Chapter 18.   Speed limit?…..What speed limit?

Chapter 19.   Beach huts and blustery breezes (Southwold, East Anglia)

Chapter 20.  Anyone for a Sherry?

Chapter 21.  Wonderful Church, Wonderful B&B, Wonderful People! (Halesworth)

Chapter 22. A Delightful Morning in Huntingfield

Chapter 23. A Genuine English Country Pub(Huntingfield)

Chapter 24.    Amazing Aldeburgh!

Chapter 25.  Thorpeness – do I have a holiday cottage for you?!

Chapter 26.  Disappearing Dunwich

Chapter  27.  Lavenham – anyone for a perpendicular?

Chapter  28.  In the Wilds of East Anglia!

Chapter  29.  I should have hired a comfy car!

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