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15. Night Terror?

A sound awakened me and  I sat bolt upright in bed. What was that ghastly noise?! As I sat, frozen, not breathing, I listened, willing my ears to pick up even the slightest sound that might indicate I should flee – … Continue reading

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A working title and veggie patch

I haven’t settled on a book title yet. My latest idea is Just My Luck! as I do seem to be prone to finding myself in scrapes of various types no matter what country I’m in. Another possibility is Nowhere … Continue reading

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14. A rest day

The day after my Croydon sortie I had a fairly restful morning that involved mostly massaging my legs and getting the washing on the line. The advantages of renting this place are many. The living is entirely self-contained and I … Continue reading

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13. Oh to be in Croydon, now that April’s there!

Where was I?…….Oh, that’s right….. the tail-gating in England  (with a couple of shots from the Chelsea Flower Show for good measure). OK so they’re up behind you very, very close then someone in a side road on the left … Continue reading

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12. Tooting Bec (Robert Lindsay and Wolfie Smith notwithstanding)

The traffic crawled along Trinity Road which is a major road linking Wandsworth Bridge to the southern suburbs of London and I must say I was very pleased about that for a while. The road passes through Wandsworth Common and … Continue reading

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11. Checking out where I used to live……but (sorry) mainly toilet talk!

I was very eager to set out on my drive today – I have such fond memories of my earlier times in London that I was keen to be underway and heading south. What a gorgeous, warm sunny day. I … Continue reading

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