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One Lovely Blog Award

                                                                                A big heartfelt Thank you to Clanmother for nominating my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award on Sept 16th. I enjoy her blog immensely and feel honoured to be ‘mentioned in despatches’ in this way. If you haven’t … Continue reading

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Veggie patch update

Amazing! I have 2 red tomatoes! AND…. I am eating my own lettuce! This is today’s photo hot off the press. The others are from a couple of days ago. There are quite a few small green tomatoes on the bush … Continue reading

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A working title and veggie patch

I haven’t settled on a book title yet. My latest idea is Just My Luck! as I do seem to be prone to finding myself in scrapes of various types no matter what country I’m in. Another possibility is Nowhere … Continue reading

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Don’t laugh!

Finally mastered the image uploading! As you can see in the photo my veggie patch is a bit high tech (apart from the wire cover, of course)……trying out these grow boxes which store water in the base and  the plants … Continue reading

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My veggie patch

I am now the proud owner of a wire contraption to keep the *$#^ possums away from my veggie patch.  I made it myself and it would have made a good prop in a Ma & Pa Kettle movie. There … Continue reading

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