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Veggie patch update

Amazing! I have 2 red tomatoes! AND…. I am eating my own lettuce! This is today’s photo hot off the press. The others are from a couple of days ago. There are quite a few small green tomatoes on the bush … Continue reading

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19. Beach huts and blustery breezes….Southwold, England

I began to notice the countryside through the fine misty rain and started to enjoy being on the open road. What with leaving home at a sensible hour AND all the speeding I’d made good time so far but I … Continue reading

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18. Speed limit? ……..What speed limit?

A couple of times over the past few days I have contacted my friends, Jason and Sue, about meeting them somewhere in Suffolk. They are a marvellous Aussie couple who spend a lot of their time travelling the world and … Continue reading

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17. I’m not really a morning person!

In Australia, when I lived at the farm being woken up by noises in the night was compounded by being woken up by the early morning sun. I remember one morning having been up a lot during the night sorting … Continue reading

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16. What was it? (Night Terror continued)

Anyway there was nothing for it now but to get up, arm myself with the torch I had bought especially for just such an occasion and strike out into the unknown. When I bought the torch I’d spent a great … Continue reading

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