Super Sweet Award


A big THANK YOU (albeit, rather late in the day) to ideflex  for nominating my blog for the Super Sweet Award.……very gratifying in more ways than one as I’m a confirmed sweet-tooth who, in all probability,  is not as careful about what she eats as the afore-mentioned ideflex!

( Wow!….pretty clever wangling ‘afore-mentioned’  into another blog-post. For my first time see  here.)

Anyhoo, enough of the blatant self-promotion, on to the important matter at hand.

Ideflex has a great blog Across the Bored and be sure to pay a visit if you want an eyeful of fabulous fotografy, wonderfully wacky wordy wymes……..rhymes…….(and, oops! …… and comments on lots of subjects ranging from main-stream to quirky.

As with most blogging awards, there are a few requirements for accepting:
1.  Give credit to the person who has nominated you
2.  Answer the 5 “Super Sweet” questions
3.  Nominate a “Bakers Dozen” – 13 blogs
4.  Grab the badge and indulge!

…….oops! nearly forgot……

5. notify my nominees on their blogs

Read on for my answers
Cookies or cake?
Biscuits every time(that’s what we call’em). Can’t dunk a cake in your cuppa.
Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate…..but only by a whisker.
Favourite sweet treat – cheesecake or frozen yoghurt?
Cheesecake……as long as it’s not stodgy.
When do you crave sweets the most?
Only when I’m awake.
If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?

Now for my nominees
relaxingcooking  (use the button to translate it)

Have fun!

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13 Responses to Super Sweet Award

  1. restlessjo says:

    How do you do that? I seem to get a different header with each post? I love the garden view (is it yours?) and the rose. I’m much too lazy to play about with mine.
    Many thanks for the award. I must have a little look around before I go. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for listing us among your Super Sweet nominated blogs. And, I’m with the other comment – your headers are beautiful photos that work well together. Now, I’m going to spend some time looking around and then checking out your other nominees. Again, thank you.

    • brissiemaz says:

      You’re very welcome…and thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the photos….I think the pale pink English Rose is my favourite. I took it at the Chelsea Flower Show. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out! It is much appreciated!

  4. ideflex says:

    I do love a good biscuit…

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