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9. OK to park here?

I was beginning to wilt at this point so I was very happy to detect signs that the owner  was about to leave. Finally we walked together to the front of the house as I wanted to get the final … Continue reading

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8. ‘Home’ for a weary traveller

So there I am, at 10am, knocking at the door of my new London ‘home’ looking forward to some long overdue rest. Now, previously, a flurry of emails had passed between the home owner and myself about my early arrival and … Continue reading

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7.There’s nowhere to pull over…..ever!

Now, as I said, my first BIG mistake was to assume there’d be somewhere to pull over and consult the road map. THERE IS NOWHERE TO PULL OVER ……………EVER!!!!!!!!!!! – and it was a mistake that I would go on repeating … Continue reading

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5.Getting to the car hire place

The Pakistani chap and I chatted amicably as he drove the bus of which I was the sole occupant to the pickup point for my hire car. ( I’m a bit backward in the modern terminology department. The driver was … Continue reading

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6.Hiring the car

I further find that there is no queue at the counter – I am attended to by a very courteous man of Italian origin and in no time at all I’m handing over vast sums of money for the car … Continue reading

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4. Now for the people-processing!

Then begins the never-ending trudge to the immigration area – and very long it is too. I vaguely remember willing myself to keep going – it can’t be much further, surely – my memory of this bit is very hazy, … Continue reading

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3. Feeding Time on the Plane

I relish the arrival of the food trolley as the struggling to open various packets and the trying to guess what on earth is on the plate in front of you helps to pass the time on an otherwise gruelling … Continue reading

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2. Who says flying is fun?

We had landed at Heathrow at 5.40am and had been through the usual scrum that is the getting of luggage from overhead lockers and people pushing and shoving in the hope of getting off the plane 2 milliseconds faster than … Continue reading

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1.England! At last!

England!   At last!  I arrived in England on a grey, brisk (they called it) morning in May. ‘Brisk’ in the UK, of course, really means ‘freezing cold’ for a Queenslander and it was still 6am when I emerged from terminal … Continue reading

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