England revisited

The world seems obsessed with all things British at the moment and rightly so, I guess. It’s not often their monarch celebrates 60 years on the throne (not for 350 years, I believe) and it’s been a bumpy ride at times.

The Olympics are looming , too, in July and London has been busy applying a bit of spit and polish to all its landmarks,  monuments and places of interest at an astonishing rate….and cost, it would seem.

A gilt-laden Prince Albert in London

Prince Albert, for instance, opposite his very own Albert Hall, gazes out from his apparently comfy chair with an air of nonchalance that belies the £11 million outlaid to restore his former brilliance.  I for one thought he looked fabulous when I saw him glinting in the spring sunshine and was very grateful that I had inadvertently visited London after much of the cleaning and polishing had been done. I would love to claim that it was a case of clever organizing on my part but then I’d be stretching the truth …..OK….. lying, in other words.

But I should begin at the beginning – at Heathrow airport.

Oops! Phone call….have to duck out for a while…more later. Plus photos when I figure out how to add the damn things. Bye for now

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