Don’t laugh!

My work of art protecting the plants

Finally mastered the image uploading!

As you can see in the photo my veggie patch is a bit high tech (apart from the wire cover, of course)……trying out these grow boxes which store water in the base and  the plants draw up the water they need by capillary action. You just have to fill up the white tube at the front occasionally.

I cheated and bought one very large tomato plant as I’m tired of eating the red round things that masquerade as tomatoes. I swoon at the very thought of a mouth-watering, home-grown tomato….. not to mention strawberries!

Gorgeous strawberry seedling

Will keep you informed of developments!

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2 Responses to Don’t laugh!

  1. Betty Hutton says:

    Yumm – home grown tomatoes – they will even have TASTE!!! Not something we get these days with the bought item.

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