Reblog – Eva – Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

From Brissiemaz                                                                                                                        Amazing photos! India here I come!                                                                                        Double left click on the main photo and then scroll down page to view Eva’s photos. Captions will come up too.


Amber Fort sits like a crown atop the shallow Maota lake

The facade of Amber Fort and the Ganesh Gate

The courtyard

The palace garden, cause way or char bagh style, is kept lush and green despite the frequent lack of water

The rugged terrain leading to Jaigarh Fort. A tunnel connects the two forts

The meandering walk ways, Maota lake and garden seen from above

The ruins in and around the Amber Fort

Centuries old mirror inlays on walls of the Mirror Palace or Sheesh Mahal glisten up until now. Five hundred years old and shining.

The typical floral inlay and Indian art on the ceilings

Fortified walls of the fortress depicting the traditional dome and chattri seen in typical Rajashtani architecture

One of the many labyrinthine entrances in the fort

The courtyard framed by a window

It was a humid and cloudy afternoon

The rocky knoll framed by…

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1 Response to Reblog – Eva – Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

  1. Jenny says:

    Those are some really great photos. Thanks for Reblogging them 🙂

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