A working title and veggie patch

I haven’t settled on a book title yet. My latest idea is Just My Luck! as I do seem to be prone to finding myself in scrapes of various types no matter what country I’m in.

Another possibility is Nowhere to Pull Over….Ever!  as the driving in England was such a noteworthy part of the trip. If you have any thoughts on the subject feel free to let me know.

I can’t resist adding photos to each post and hope you’re liking the shots from the Chelsea Flower Show. I don’t always have photos relevant to the subject matter so I’ll fill the gaps with those lovely floral images.

I have a few recent photos of the veggie patch too!

Grow pots working well!

Not long now!

Flowers on the strawberries

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4 Responses to A working title and veggie patch

  1. Betty Hutton says:

    Wow!! It all looks so healthy – the architectural wonder has done the job with the possums, obviously!

  2. Cousin Kathy says:

    When the strawberries ripen and you’ve picked them, feel free to invite me over to eat them with you, little brown hen. I’ll bring the cream.

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