Veggie patch update

Amazing! I have 2 red tomatoes! AND…. I am eating my own lettuce! This is today’s photo hot off the press. The others are from a couple of days ago.

My very own tomatoes!

There are quite a few small green tomatoes on the bush – I thought the frost might have finished off those flowers…but, no…. plenty more to come.

Lettuce not fully formed but have been breaking off leaves for a while now

Cabbages are doing well

Cabbages not ready yet but chives and young kale leaves have found their way to my table.

Veggies out of their cage

Must grow more stuff now that spring is only 3 weeks away. Also have some partially formed strawberries – would have planted more if I’d known how successful the venture would be.

The wire cover has been essential. The possums nibble off any leaves that are foolish enough to stray through the wire – there’d be nothing left growing without the cage. I might have to refine the design for the next one. It’ll need to be bigger for a start.

Must be off to have a very late lunch which includes my very own tomatoes, lettuce and chives. Toodle-oo!

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6 Responses to Veggie patch update

  1. They look so healthy and delicious. Well done! It is always nice to eat what one has grown.

  2. nicky scott says:

    They look great Mary! surprising the possums haven’t got them!

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