Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England

I had fun chosing a picture for this week’s WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE :FOREIGN. I’m not sure how you feel but I am definitely NOT used to seeing THIS on a beach in Australia!    A  very foreign idea indeed!     I love it!!

What a wonderful way to adapt to the ‘hard to walk on’ pebbles I mentioned in my post about Amazing Aldeburgh. Obviously they are difficult to drive on as well. The fishermen sell their catch on site and the whole place has the feel of a ‘working beach’ – that is, it feels not like a place for frivolity but like a place for industry – piles of nets on the pebbles, fish boxes strewn around and the boats and caterpillar tractors everywhere.

So very different from the sun, sand and surf idea of a beach here. No hard work required…just play, play,play. I must admit I am happy to indulge in the play side of things – I quite enjoy riding my boogie board in the surf at Mooloolaba.

Anyways, hope you like my idea of ‘foreign’ this week ….. even if it does look like super-sized toys for giants.

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