Yet another apology!!

Yes, I know. It sounds pathetic but here I go again asking for forgiveness. I’ve had computer security problems which I am assured are a thing of the past……..and I have had no spare time into the bargain.

I had an opprtunity to make some recordings and grabbed the chance with both hands as, at my age this kind of thing doesn’t come along too often. I’m also aware that there’s a time limit on the human voice……it’s beauty definitely decreases as age takes it toll. So, as I said, I made some CD’s while I still could! When I figure out how to, I’ll put some songs on my blog….would love to hear what you think of them.

As well, I’ve just finished training as a Thermomix consultant (= demonstrator) and am looking forward to showing anyone who will listen what a great piece of equipment it is.

I’m still giving a couple of concerts most weeks so there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day any more!

Wonderful to read some of your posts….I see lots of you have been very busy online. Hopefully I will join the ranks again now as I miss the contact with you.

More soon……

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